Dragons Across the European Continent

In Europe, dragons have a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times. In ancient Greece, dragons were dangerous beasts, associated with death and destruction. They depicted as large, serpentine creatures. with wings and sharp claws. Later they morphed to the now popular view of 4 legged, winged creatures. Belief in dragons was bolstered by… Continue reading Dragons Across the European Continent

Here Be Dragons – Global Sightings

Dragons have been a part of various cultures and civilizations throughout history. They have been depicted as fearsome beasts, powerful symbols, and even as divine creatures. They’ve captured the imagination of people all over the world, thru fear, wonder and admiration.  And they remain a popular subject in art, literature, and popular culture.

On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

It always amazes that so many Americans refuse to accept the fact of evolution, a century and a half  after Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species. I just finished reading Origin a few months ago, and it’s still a fascinating book, though of course many of the details have changed.   The full title… Continue reading On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Classification of Birds on Our Safari by Order

Accipitriformes is an order of birds that includes most of the diurnal birds of prey, including hawks, eagles, vultures, and kites, but not falcons. For a long time, the majority view was to include them with the falcons in the Falconiformes, but many authorities now recognize a separate Accipitriformes. Anseriformes is an order of birds… Continue reading Classification of Birds on Our Safari by Order

Classification of Animals on Our Safari by Order

Artiodactyla, or cloven-hooved mammals, include such familiar animals as sheep, goats, camels, pigs, cows, deer, giraffes, and antelopes. Most of the world’s species of large land mammals are artiodactyls. Many living artiodactyls evolved features that are adaptive for life on open grasslands. There once was a gazelle so fleetHer grace was a sight hard to… Continue reading Classification of Animals on Our Safari by Order

Scientific Names & Classifications of the Animals Sighted

Function and genetics are taken into account in taxonomy. Humans are mammals and share genetic similarity with other primates, such as apes and monkeys. In contrast to a dog’s face and paws, a human’s hands and facial features more like those of other primates. This, along with genome analysis, confirms humans share a closer connection with apes than dogs. As more genomes are decoded, some previous connections are re-classified.