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Europe is a diverse and fascinating continent,

offering an incredible array of cultures, landscapes, and experiences to those who visit. Europe travel is a great way to immerse oneself in history, art, architecture, and cuisine, as well as to explore the beauty of the natural environment. In earlier days, a trip to Europe for me meant hiking, climbing and backcountry skiing across the Alps. With the onset of geezer-hood, those have declined, yet we still find means to hike in our 70s. But always a European visit meant visiting ruins and museums.

Cobbled Streets and Castle Keeps: Discovering Carcassonne’s Charms

On our trans-alpine Haute Route mountaineering ski trip,

we were chatting with some local skiers in an alpine hut (amazing how that old college French re-appears when necessary). In mountain huts you make new friends instantly, sharing food (wine if they hiked up from a local village) & experiences of the day. One of the first questions our new friends asked was “Why do you cross the river to fetch water?” Why would Americans want to go to Europe to ski, when there are so many fantastic ski areas in North America? My basic answer is ‘because it’s Europe’. That encompasses a range of reasons, like food, the terrain, and the ambiance we just don’t find in American ski resorts.

I’ve traveled widely on the US & Canadian left coast, and still have a lot to explore, but it’s often hard to decide which country for our next trip. My actual list of countries visited is small compared to some other travelers, but that’s because I continue to explore/re-visit new places in countries I’ve already visited.

I take advantage of the ease of traveling in Europe both within and between countries, with efficient train networks and budget airlines making it possible to explore multiple destinations in a single trip, though never a “If it’s Tuesday this must be Germany bus trip.” We usually spend 1-4 weeks in just 1 or 2 countries. (I also lead tours with easy hiking in Turkey)

Have you considered river cruising?

2024 Turkey Small Group Tours

From the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, Europe offers a range of breathtaking landscapes to discover. We often rent cars in Europe and for the most part there’s less traffic than on many US highways. Sure, there’s congestion and a bit of free-for-all attitude in the major cities, but it’s easier than driving in Boston (sorry!) without the aggression – European drivers are assertive and take road rules as suggestions, but it’s part of the European experience. And you’ll never find slow drivers sauntering in the left lane of a highway!

Beyond Borders: Discovering Europe’s Hidden Gems with AmaWaterways

Gems of Southeast Europe Danube River Cruise
Medieval Marvels: Rhine Castles
Cruising through Christmas Magic

Dragons Across the European Continent
Medieval Treasures
Best of Holland & Belgium
Tales of Terroir: The Unique Rieslings of Moselle and Rhine River

One of the major advantages of river cruising is you can sample several countries in a short time without the distraction and hassles of moving every day. You unpack once, then plan each day to be as energetic or relaxing as you wish. With AMAwaterways all excursions are included – always providing activities at different levels. Walking tours can be experienced as active or gentle

Altho there are, rarely, some hiccups:

Kafka flies to Europe. Loses luggage!

For those interested in history and culture, Europe is home to some of the world’s most impressive monuments and museums. From the Acropolis in Athens to Zeugma in Turkey, and from the Louvre in Paris to the British Museum in London, there is no shortage of iconic landmarks and cultural treasures to explore.

Foodies will also be delighted by the diversity of culinary experiences available in Europe — each country offering its unique flavors and specialties. From French pastries to Italian pizza, Spanish tapas to German sausages and Turkish mezes, the possibilities for delicious dining are endless (and economical!).

I find one of the great advantages of travel is meeting locals and finding that there’s an immense difference between the ordinary person and particular government policies ( despite frequent attempts by those governments to demonize an entire country).

The table below has basic information on each country. Here are more details from our travels:

AMAwaterways Christmas Markets River Cruises

AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise


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  • Dragons of Europe

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