Wander Wise – Travel Alerts for Turkey

One of the most common questions we get is “How safe is Turkey”. Especially with Israel’s invasion of Gaza, many assume it’s become unsafe to travel in Turkey or have seen travel alerts that seem ominous. Over the last 25 years we’ve had no problems with safety or security. Our last tour in Spring 2023 encountered no problems, and I visited in late November and had no problems.

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Image Galleries – Mount Rainier – Washington Cascades

Climbing Mount Rainier is a popular but challenging endeavor. The mountain claims lives each year due to its unpredictable weather and difficult terrain. Spring is the most popular time to climb the easier routes, before major crevasses open. For more technical routes it also reduces the chances of snow or rockfall.  Winter climbing freezes more rocks in place allowing climbs such as Gibraltar which are unsafe even in the spring.

Small Bites, Big Flavor: Dim Sum with Air Fryer or Steamer

Shu Mai (Shumai) is a popular Chinese dumpling that originated in the southern region of China. These dumplings are typically small, open-faced, and round. Shu Mai wrappers are made from a thin, unleavened dough, and they are usually filled with a mixture of ground pork, shrimp, and various seasonings. Sometimes, you might find variations with chicken, beef, or even vegetables.

Tales of Terroir: The Unique Rieslings of Moselle and Rhine River

The steep hills with views of the Rhine River and the Mosel and their tributaries were perfect for vine planting. No one knew this better than the Romans. Roman poet Ausonius describes the verdant hills covered in Bacchus grapes and the pleasant, softly running streams of the “Mosella” in a poem dated around 370 AD.… Continue reading Tales of Terroir: The Unique Rieslings of Moselle and Rhine River