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Traveling is something many of us dream about

I’ve been exploring and leading trips for over 40 years. climbing & trekking in the Alps, Andes, North American mountain ranges and the Himalaya. History and travel are complementary. Travel provides vivid experiences of historical sites while history increases our understanding of our travels. When we study history, it teaches us about the people who have lived in the past and how their lives were. It also shows us how different civilizations interacted with each other in order to progress as human beings. Since ancient times, man has been fascinated by historical events and figures from the distant past. In an era dominated by digital technology, we often forget about the ways in which ancient civilizations influenced modern life
Both economics and time constrain many. It’s never too early to start planning your future vacations or even longer-term travel around the world. Set your sights high and literally expand your horizons.

To help get your planning started, here are some stories from my adventures abroad.




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Mexico to Antarctica

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