Uzbek Air – A Safety Briefing You’ll Actually Enjoy

Who watches or even listens to those pre-takeoff announcements telling you how to fasten your seat belt and not to smoke? We were flying Uzbek Air from Khiva to Istanbul and found this brilliantly creative take on a tired meme

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By Cascoly

I've been exploring and leading trips for over 40 years. climbing & trekkng in the Alps, Andes, North American mountain ranges and the Himalaya. I'm retired from mountaineering now but world travels in Europe, Africa & Asia continue to expand my portfolio. Besides private travel, I now focus on escorting trips to India & Turkey. Other interests include wide reading in history and vegetable gardening / cooking. You can download digital images here, or find images at We have many thousands of images we haven't displayed yet; so, if you have a special need or request please contact us