Elements of Architecture

Architecture is the art and science of designing and building structures. The discipline encompasses a wide range of considerations, from aesthetic appeal to structural stability and environmental impact. In order to create successful buildings and spaces, architects must pay careful attention to the elements of architecture, which are the fundamental components of building design.

Here I explore these elements through my travels, including examples from around the world.

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Exploring the ‘Other’ Mosques of Istanbul

By Cascoly

I've been exploring and leading trips for over 40 years. climbing & trekkng in the Alps, Andes, North American mountain ranges and the Himalaya. I'm retired from mountaineering now but world travels in Europe, Africa & Asia continue to expand my portfolio. Besides private travel, I now focus on escorting trips to India & Turkey. Other interests include wide reading in history and vegetable gardening / cooking. You can download digital images here, or find images at https://steve-estvanik.pixels.com. We have many thousands of images we haven't displayed yet; so, if you have a special need or request please contact us