February Virtual Art Walk – Posts from Favorite Artists

This is my first entry to this virtual Artwalk focusing on several distinct artists. Pease visit their sites using the links below to enjoy this month’s features.

KM Gunn

Even though my paintbrush experience is limited to walls & siding, I enjoyed KM Gunn’s artwalk entry this month, exploring the creation of a unique watercolor – Watercolor painting Red Rose 2

Dorothy Berry-Lound

Maybe “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple“, but Dorothy shows us there’s no need to grow old before finding the Magic in Purple. Find out how to use this popular color without wandering into a purple haze.

Sharon Popek Photography

Sharon blogs as  ‘Purple Rosemary’. This month she shows us intriguing Chicago Images. I’ve only seen Chicago from the ORD airport, so was very interested in seeing these suggestions for a future visit. Again, check out her blog .

Steve Heap – Backyard Image

Steve’s entry this month reviews his art sales in January 2023. . A varied set of images from his travels. In addition to his photography he sold a beautiful re-working of a train steaming through a mountain pass.

Jim Hughes Photography

My friends have always laughed at me for taking pictures of walls, so I was glad to see another bulwark aficionado.  You’ve never seen such interesting commentary on bricks on his blog this month

That’s All Folks!

Unless your virtual legs can endure another magical post – my entry for the month: Here be Dragons!

Dragon tile screen wall  in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Dragon in the Forbidden City, Beijing,

By Cascoly

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