Seljuk Remains in Tokat and Ballica Cave

In 2024 we visit Ballıca Cave, Tokat Taşhan and Ali paşa Cami   Ballıca Cave, (Ballıca Mağarası) is a natural wonder located in the Tokat province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. Ballıca Cave, one of the largest and most impressive caves in Turkey,… Continue reading Seljuk Remains in Tokat and Ballica Cave

Ruins of Ancient Architecture

Ancient Ruins Greek & Roman Ruins HierapolisEphesusNemrut Dag colossal headsRhodes, GreeceSantorini Akrotiri, GreeceAegean Coast of Turkey (Aphrodisias, etc) Aspendos theater is known for its remarkable acoustics and impressive architecture. The seating area is divided into three sections: Buy prints, mugs, jigsaw puzzles & other products – Ancient History Ancient Near East Books about ancient Near East – Hittites,… Continue reading Ruins of Ancient Architecture