The Fall of Constantinople in 1453

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 was a major turning point in world history, marking the end of the Byzantine Empire and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire’s ascendancy. Constantinople, which had been the capital of the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years, was one of the most heavily fortified cities in the world, with walls that had withstood multiple sieges.

Hoodoo and Cave Church Hiking in Cappadocia

The usual tourist circuit in Cappadocia triangulates Goreme, Avanos and Urgup, but just off this well beaten path there are beautiful, yet easy, day hikes and walks that let you explore the tufa formations and also enjoy vistas of this volcanic land of ‘fairy chimneys’. Gallery of Cappadocia hiking Here are the details from one… Continue reading Hoodoo and Cave Church Hiking in Cappadocia

Ruins of Ancient Architecture

Ancient Ruins Greek & Roman Ruins Hierapolis Turkey Ephesus Turkey Nemrut Dag colossal heads Pergamum Turkey Rhodes, Greece Santorini / Akrotiri, Greece Athens, Greece Aegean Coast of Turkey (Aphrodisias, etc) Roman and Greek theatres Aspendos theater is known for its remarkable acoustics and impressive architecture. The seating area is divided into three sections: Download royalty… Continue reading Ruins of Ancient Architecture

SanliUrfa – Ancient Crossroads of History

Urfa and Harran are two ancient cities in southeastern Turkey that have a rich and storied history dating back thousands of years. Both cities have played important roles in the development of human civilization and have been centers of learning, culture, and religion for centuries. In 1984, the Turkish National Assembly granted Urfa the title “Şanlı”,… Continue reading SanliUrfa – Ancient Crossroads of History

Göbekli Tepe and Neolithic Malta and Sardinia

Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site located  about 10 miles from Urfa in southeastern Turkey. It’s intrigued scholars, historians, and the general public since its discovery in the 1960s. The name Göbeklitepe (both spellings are used) means “Potbelly Hill” in Turkish, and it refers to the distinctive shape of the hill on which the site… Continue reading Göbekli Tepe and Neolithic Malta and Sardinia

Crete – Heraclion & Knossos and 9/11

From our 2001 trip – fun it was in those days, traveling without GPS (or even a good map). Two days of normal tourist activities. Then on the 11th came the attack on the World Trade Center.

Exploring Turkey

The Rest of Istanbul – What You Missed on Your 1st Day Tour Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque) Exploring the ‘Other’ Mosques of Istanbul Travertine Terraces of Pamukkale