Greek Temples of Athena and Apollo – exploring Didyma and Priene

The most prominent feature of Didyma was the Temple of Apollo, known as the Didymaion. This temple was famous for its colossal size and its elaborate decoration,

Priene was an ancient Greek city located in the region of Ionia, in modern-day Turkey. It was situated near the Maeander River and the city of Miletus. Priene is known for its well-preserved ruins that provide valuable insights into the urban planning and architecture of ancient Greek cities

Ancient Site of Pergamum – A Journey through Ancient Splendor

Ancient site of Pergamum, also known as Pergamon or Pergamos, is located in the northwest of Turkey. Its rich history spans several millennia, with significant cultural, political, and historical developments. We visit this site on our 2024 small group tour Ancient Greek Period (4th – 3rd century BCE): Pergamum was initially a part of the… Continue reading Ancient Site of Pergamum – A Journey through Ancient Splendor

Visiting the World War I Gallipoli Battlefield

 In 1915, Winston Churchill, then 1st Lord of the Admiralty, promoted an invasion of ‘Byzantium’ by way of the Dardanelles, with a joint amphibious and naval force speeding up to the Bosphorus to capture Istanbul . His aim was to cut German supply lines to the Middle East, while knocking Turkey out of the war. Nothing went as planned — bad luck, inept and even cowardly commanders had already doomed the ANZAC forces when a young officer named Mustafa Kemal (later known as Ataturk) led the counterattack that trapped the Allies on their tiny beachhead spread along the narrow peninsula.

Cascoly Turkey Small Group Tours

Our small group tours explore a mix traditional and classical sites and seldom visited areas. With a maximum of 12 participants we eat at small local restaurants and go where larger groups cannot. We stay in 3-4 star hotels, often with 2 night stays. When possible we select boutique hotels where we may be only clients. Our trips include most meals, hotels (based on double occupancy), domestic air where indicated, most tips, guide services and entry fees and transportation in an air conditioned, private minibus. 

The Fall of Constantinople in 1453

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 was a major turning point in world history, marking the end of the Byzantine Empire and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire’s ascendancy. Constantinople, which had been the capital of the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years, was one of the most heavily fortified cities in the world, with walls that had withstood multiple sieges.

Hoodoo and Cave Church Hiking in Cappadocia

The usual tourist circuit in Cappadocia triangulates Goreme, Avanos and Urgup, but just off this well beaten path there are beautiful, yet easy, day hikes and walks that let you explore the tufa formations and also enjoy vistas of this volcanic land of ‘fairy chimneys’. Gallery of Cappadocia hiking Here are the details from one… Continue reading Hoodoo and Cave Church Hiking in Cappadocia

Ruins of Ancient Architecture

Ancient Ruins Greek & Roman Ruins HierapolisEphesusNemrut Dag colossal headsRhodes, GreeceSantorini Akrotiri, GreeceAegean Coast of Turkey (Aphrodisias, etc) Aspendos theater is known for its remarkable acoustics and impressive architecture. The seating area is divided into three sections: Download royalty free images of Ancient History Buy prints, mugs, jigsaw puzzles & other products – Ancient History Ancient Near East… Continue reading Ruins of Ancient Architecture