Medieval Marvels: Rhine Castles on AMAwaterways Cruises

AmaWaterways offers numerous river cruises along rivers in Europe, including the Rhine River. The Rhine River is one of the major waterways in Europe, flowing through several countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. AmaWaterways river cruises let travelers explore the scenic beauty, historical sites, and cultural attractions along the Rhine without having to re-pack and change hotels every day. The only downside of a river cruise is we’re unable to visit the castles – prime encouragement for a future road trip!

AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise – Croatia

Our Danube River cruise had only one stop in Croatia this time, in Vukovar. Croatia is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and Mediterranean climate. Here are some of the top tourist activities in Croatia: Vukovar The Baroque city of Vukovar located on the banks of the Danube… Continue reading AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise – Croatia

AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise – Bulgaria

Join our small group tour to Bulgaria in 2024 AMAwaterways Christmas Markets River Cruises Vidin is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and has played an important part in medieval Bulgarian politics due to its location along the Danube, as evident by the Baba Vida Fortress. This is the only fully preserved medieval fortress… Continue reading AmaWaterways Danube River Cruise – Bulgaria