Seljuk Remains in Tokat and Ballica Cave

In 2024 we visit Ballıca Cave, Tokat Taşhan and Ali paşa Cami   Ballıca Cave, (Ballıca Mağarası) is a natural wonder located in the Tokat province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. Ballıca Cave, one of the largest and most impressive caves in Turkey,… Continue reading Seljuk Remains in Tokat and Ballica Cave

Ankara Where Modern Turkey Connects With Its Past

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara, is one of my favorite museums in the world (as usual don’t ask me to rank anything – just accept it’s one of the best) In attractive displays it highlights the rich history and cultural heritage of the Anatolia (most of modern Turkey).

Early Christian and Ottoman history in Bursa, Iznik and Nicaea

Bursa is in the Marmara region of Turkey Historical Importance: Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, serving as its capital from 1326 to 1365 before Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) took its place. The city played a crucial role in the early years of the Ottoman Empire’s expansion. Cultural and Architectural Heritage: Bursa boasts… Continue reading Early Christian and Ottoman history in Bursa, Iznik and Nicaea

Whirling Dervishes & Camel Hotel – Konya & Sultanhani

We visit Konya on our 2024 small group tour Konya has a rich history and cultural significance, often referred to as the “city of whirling dervishes” due to its historical association with the Mevlevi Order, a Sufi sect that practices the spiritual dance known as the “whirling dervish” dance. One of the most prominent landmarks… Continue reading Whirling Dervishes & Camel Hotel – Konya & Sultanhani

Ephesus & Temple of Artemis – Ancient Wonder of the World

Ephesus is an ancient Greek and Roman city. It was one of the most important and prosperous cities in the ancient world, known for its monumental architecture, thriving economy, and cultural significance. The Terrace Houses, also known as the Terrace Villas or the Houses of the Rich, are a prominent archaeological site within Ephesus that provides insights into the daily lives of the wealthy residents of the city.

Along the Lycian Coast – Dalyan, Xanthos, Fetiye and Saklikent Gorge

The Lycian Coast, also known as the Lycian Way, refers to a stunning stretch of coastline along the southern part of Turkey, in the region historically known as Lycia. Lycia was an ancient civilization that existed in this region, and the Lycian Coast is renowned for its natural beauty, historical sites, and hiking opportunities

Aphrodisias & Laodicea – Greek and Roman Cultural Centers

The ancient city of Aphrodisias is known for its rich history, archaeological remains, and its association with the goddess Aphrodite. Early History: Aphrodisias was initially settled in the 5th millennium BCE,   prominence during the Hellenistic period. It was named after the goddess Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The city became a… Continue reading Aphrodisias & Laodicea – Greek and Roman Cultural Centers

Greek Temples of Athena and Apollo – exploring Didyma and Priene

The most prominent feature of Didyma was the Temple of Apollo, known as the Didymaion. This temple was famous for its colossal size and its elaborate decoration,

Priene was an ancient Greek city located in the region of Ionia, in modern-day Turkey. It was situated near the Maeander River and the city of Miletus. Priene is known for its well-preserved ruins that provide valuable insights into the urban planning and architecture of ancient Greek cities