Image Galleries – Mount Rainier – Washington Cascades

Climbing Mount Rainier is a popular but challenging endeavor. The mountain claims lives each year due to its unpredictable weather and difficult terrain. Spring is the most popular time to climb the easier routes, before major crevasses open. For more technical routes it also reduces the chances of snow or rockfall.  Winter climbing freezes more rocks in place allowing climbs such as Gibraltar which are unsafe even in the spring.

Elevated Exposures: Mount Rainier’s Challenge to Photographers and Climbers

Mount Rainier at 14,410′, is an active volcano that formed around half a million years ago. It is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region known for its high volcanic activity. Rainier is a stratovolcano, indicating its explosive potential.While Mount Rainier is considered dormant, it’s still an active volcano. The last significant eruption occurred over a thousand years ago, but scientists closely monitor the mountain for any signs of renewed activity.