Microwave Your Vegetables to Preserve Flavor and Nutrients

Use your microwave more often The microwave is underused for cooking from scratch. Anything that can be steamed, blanched or boiled, can be prepared faster and probably better in a microwave. It’s an easy, quick and tasty way to cook vegetables. I’ll be showing how to cook fresh vegetables. For frozen ones just follow the directions… Continue reading Microwave Your Vegetables to Preserve Flavor and Nutrients

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Coriander Curry Chicken Recipe

Coriander Curry Chicken is a spicy addition to your poultry recipes, yet very different from the usual curries. Ingredients •8 chicken, leg pieces•2 leeks, or 1 medium onion•1 stalk celery 1 – tomato, chopped•1/2 cup – white wine•1 cup – chicken stock•1 cup – yogurt Curry:•1/4 t – cayenne•1 t – turmeric•1 t – paprika•1… Continue reading Coriander Curry Chicken Recipe

Melanzane Arrostite

A roasted eggplant salad as Turkish meze or Italian antipasto Main ingredients · 1 large eggplant · 1 red pepper, cut into long, 1/2″ strips · 1 medium onion, quartered, then sliced lengthwise · 1/4 cup regular Olive Oil  Dressing: · 3 T extra virgin olive oil · juice of 1/2 lemon · 1 T of rice vinegar · 2 t fresh oregano, chopped ·… Continue reading Melanzane Arrostite