Goats Do Roam

Audrey & I were on a cross country trip in Olympic National Park here in Washington.  On our second day, we’d dropped packs on the trail to climb the rotten rock pinnacle of Cruiser.  All went well until on descent we saw a group of mountain goats examining our packs. Alternately glissading and sliding on… Continue reading Goats Do Roam

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Alexander’s Path – Freya Stark

This was the perfect complement to be reading during our hiking trip in Lycia. Challenged by the meagerness of the historical record of Alexander’s progress along the Lycian coast, Stark set out in the 1950s to retrace and discover his most likely trail.  Alexander had come to Xanthos, then after starting to the north, towards… Continue reading Alexander’s Path – Freya Stark

Proof of Creation

#In the beginning there was the computer. %>Let there be light! And God said #Enter user ID %>God #Enter password. %>Omniscient #Password incorrect.  Try again. %>Omnipotent #Password incorrect. Try again. %>Technocrat #And God logged on at 12:01:00 AM, Sunday, March 1. %>Let there be light! #Unrecognizable command.  Try again. %>Create light #Done %>Run heaven and earth #And… Continue reading Proof of Creation

Byzantium a trilogy by John Julius Norwich

This is a trilogy consisting of: Byzantium – The Early CenturiesByzantium – The ApogeeByzantium – The Decline and Fall — John Julius Norwich There’s also an abridged version, in one volume, but I find it difficult to consider missing out on so much. Norwich writes for the lay reader, but relies heavily on primary sources,… Continue reading Byzantium a trilogy by John Julius Norwich