Tanzania – Tarangire National Park – Elephant Kingdom

African savannah elephant with young ( Loxodonta africana africana ) Family-order - Elephantidae Proboscidea, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, Africa

A large population of elephants make their home in Tarangire National Park. You’re sure to see them during the dry season when they migrate, drawn to the refreshing Tarangire River.

Itinerary of Our Tanzania Safari – Nov 2022

Discover quintessential African landscapes when you explore Tanzania, the perfect African destination for any traveler with open mind and heart to experiencing wildlife and culture, past and present. A relaxed attitude combined with some of the best wildlife spotting on the continent is within affordable reach.Hit the incredible wildlife spots, namely the Elephant Kingdom –Tarangire… Continue reading Itinerary of Our Tanzania Safari – Nov 2022