Coriander Curry Chicken Recipe

Coriander Curry Chicken is a spicy addition to your poultry recipes, yet very different from the usual curries.


•8 chicken, leg pieces
•2 leeks, or 1 medium onion
•1 stalk celery

1 – tomato, chopped
•1/2 cup – white wine
•1 cup – chicken stock
•1 cup – yogurt

•1/4 t – cayenne
•1 t – turmeric
•1 t – paprika
•1 t – cumin
•3 T – fresh coriander / cilantro

1. Brown chicken in ghee or olive oil in a skillet — about 10′ on medium-high heat.

2. Add chopped leek, celery, and all spices except the coriander. Continue to saute for 3-5′.

3. Next add wine, and continue to heat on high, scraping bottom of pan to deglaze. Add stock and tomatoes and reduce heat. Cover, and simmer for 45′ to 1 hr.

4. Add yogurt, stir to mix, sprinkle with coriander leaves. Serve with rice.

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