Challenge Your Brain with Unique Jigsaw Puzzles from Cascoly

A brief history of jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have a rich history that spans centuries. They originated in the 18th century in Europe, initially as educational tools featuring maps. Craftsmen hand-cut these “dissected maps” into small pieces for children’s geography lessons.

By the 19th century, puzzles evolved into entertainment for adults, with intricate designs cut from wood. The Industrial Revolution brought mass production techniques, making puzzles more affordable with cardboard replacing wood.

Throughout the 20th century, jigsaw puzzles became widely popular, enjoyed by people of all ages for their educational and entertainment value. They diversified with various themes and materials, including three-dimensional puzzles.

In the digital age, jigsaw puzzles transitioned to online platforms, offering virtual experiences with adjustable difficulty levels. Despite technological advances, traditional puzzles maintained their appeal, even experiencing a resurgence in recent years due to their therapeutic benefits.

Today, jigsaw puzzles continue to captivate enthusiasts worldwide, bridging generations and cultures as a beloved pastime.

Original jigsaw puzzles from Cascoly

Challenge your brain with our original photography transformed into jigsaw puzzle.  Our puzzles use premium 0.2″ thick paper stock (aka cardboard) and include a semi-gloss coating on the top surface to make the image pop.

Our featured jigsaw puzzles

Battle of Terheide painting, 1653 of the Anglo Dutch Wars,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Choose from over 1500 more images. Each puzzle includes a puzzle box with the artwork printed on the top for safe storage when you’re not puzzling. The puzzle pieces are unique.  

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