February 2023 Earthquake in Turkey – Adiyamin

Passing thru Adiyamin, on our trip in Turkey

in May 2023, we stopped at a container city for people displaced from the Feb earthquake

Walked in and were greeted by several workers – they immediately offered us water! (day before at the yurt camp we were invited for lunch) then took us on a short tour – cleanly laid out with wide corridors, we were invited to see the insides of the containers – 2 rooms, sleeping 4 with western toilets & water. Common laundry, cooking and eating facilities located close by.

Currently almost 700 containers for about 23,500 people, with a long waiting list.

Even though many of the collapsed buildings have been cleared,

leaving blocks of rubble, there are still many severely damaged building and thousands of others which are no longer livable – hundreds of thousands have been displaced. Across Turkey many universities sent students home for online study to then use dormitories for displaced people.

We drove from the epicenter at Adiyamin / Kata for hundreds of kilometers thru Gaziantep and further, still seeing some ruined buildings

By Cascoly

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