Cascoly Recipes from Asia

Inspired by travels in China & Southeast Asia. India is covered in a separate post.

Colorful vegetables for sale at the Central Market of Hoi An, Vietnam

Asian cuisine is probably the most varied in the world, especially when you include Indian. From mild Mandarin to hot and spicy Hunan and Szechuan, you’ll find something to your taste. And then you can explore the variations in Southeast Asian and Indonesian foods

Lamb & eggplant with Yuxiang sauce

Small Bites, Big Flavor: Dim Sum with Air Fryer or Steamer

  • Almond Honey ChickenHere’s an easy to prepare chicken dish. It’s easy to scale up for more people and has potential for many variations.
  • Peanut Mustard Buffalo Wings Savory peanut sauce wings spice up any meal. These delicious wings can be served as an appetizer or main course. They’re even tasty as a cold snack!
  • Hunan Ginger Pepper PorkThe central provinces of China produce fiery and tasty dishes. The special ground szechuan peppers provide a unique taste that is only partially mimicked by ordinary black pepper.
  • Easy Asian Orange Rib Recipes Many of my marinades start with a particular taste I crave, in this case, ginger and orange, and then are built around the current inhabitants of my refrigerator.
  • Asian lamb recipes
  • Wild Mushrooms and Asian Noodles The Pacific Northwest offers many varieties of wild edible mushrooms in both spring and fall. Often they can be found right on the edge of hiking trails. The key to cooking with these delicious fungi is to minimize the other flavors, and cook the mushrooms quickly. (Do not eat any wild mushrooms if you haven’t been able to verify they’re edible)
    Stir frying tofu and bok choy in a cast iron pot

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