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Roadside Geology

This is an excellent series, combining general geologic information with detailed road trips (sometimes in your home city), that describe a state’s geology.   The books offer general geological information that you can read at home, but are most useful for the detailed descriptions and tours they describe for your state.  for example:  Roadside Geology of Washington

Annals of the Former World — – John McPhee —   describes geology in lucid terms, and makes the topic come alive.  This book is structured as a journey across the US at the 40th parallel, describing the geology as he travels, but it becomes much more than just a bare scientific description.  McPhee is one of our best writers. I’ve read many of McPhee’s articles in the New Yorker that form the basis of this book, and they’re excellent. Oddly, the only books that envision the power of tectonic events as well are the Mars Trilogy of Kim Stanley Robinson

George Orwell describes a boarding house kitchen table in geological terms:
At the bottom there was a layer of old newspapers stained by Worcester Sauce; above that a sheet of sticky white oil­cloth; above that a green serge cloth; above that a coarse linen cloth, never changed and seldom taken off. Generally the crumbs from breakfast were still on the table at supper. I used to get to know individual crumbs by sight and watch their progress up and down the table from day to day.

Map – 1975 – World Ocean Floor, Physical World

Map – 1985 – Shaping of a Continent – Tectonic plates

Map – 1978 – Heart of the Grand Canyon

Map – 1998 – Physical Earth – Continental Drift

Map – 1995 – Earth’s Fractured Surface -World Ocean Floor

Map – 1969 – Pacific Ocean Floor

Map – 1971 – Arctic Ocean Floor

Map – 1955 – Atlantic Ocean

Map – 1990 – World Ocean Floors: Arctic Ocean

Map – 1967 – Indian Ocean Floor

Map – 1992 – World Ocean Floors: Pacific Ocean

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