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The Times Atlas of World History;

Geoffrey Barraclough, Geoffrey Parker; Hardcover If you’re only going to get one history reference book, THIS IS IT! I’d highly recommend the hardcover version, since you’re going to use this book often. My copy always has post -it notes scattered throughout, and you can’t pick this book up without finding something new. The maps are excellent and innovative, with an excellent index. Besides using this volume for my researches for Chrono’s: Windows in Time, I keep it handy when reading historical novels or other works of history. Invariably it can illustrate and expand on those other books. This is the best single volume reference atlas I own.

Other recommended atlases covering specific time periods:

The following represent a variety of excellent sourcebooks for world history and geography.


United States Travel

National Geographic maps of the United States & Canada

Royalty free images of the United States

CIA World Factbook for United States



CIA World Factbook for Canada

British Columbia
Alberta Nova Scotia
Civil War in Maryland, Pennsylvania, VirginiaNational Parks


Goats do Roam
The best way to see Seattle is to leave it…
Acadia – Some less traveled places
American Presidents Trivia Game 
Washington’s Crossing – a Review
Gore Vidal – Inventing a Nation 
Questions of State – American States trivia quiz 
Gettysburg and the Civil War – the Newt Gingrich version
Rogue Nation – American Unilateralism and the Failure of Good Intentions
Civil War Battlefields – Manassas Bull Run 
Civil War Trivia Game and Other Fun History Resources 
Gone for Soldiers – the 19th Century Forecast of the Iraqi War 
Kevin Phillips The Cousins Wars 
End of the American Century

Global Challenge

What’s the highest point in Peru? Which country has the longer coastline,
Brazil or India? What countries border Azerbaijan? Global Challenge tests
your knowledge of these and other geographical facts for over 250 countries, in more than a dozen categoriesPlay FREE online Version

Based on the CIA’s World Factbook, Global Challenge is an entertaining way to learn more about the world and Cascoly’s unique system lets you decide how difficult to make the game. There are more than a trillion possible questions, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever see 2 identical questions, no matter how long you play. In addition, the game watches your responses, and adjusts the questions to your skill levels, so the game becomes tougher the more you play. You can also select the particular countries to be included by changing the difficulty level. The game asks questions in 20 categories from among over 250 countries, including capitals, climate, natural resources and flags.

The Factbook is approximately 200 megabytes of information about every country, sovereignty and province in the world. It has enlargeable and printable flags and maps for each country, as well as geographic, economic, transportation, military and transnational issues for each

Geography Resources and Stock Images

Geography images and resources:

Plate tectonics & Ocean Floors