Fictionary – Online Dictionary Game

Fictionary Rules

(Also known as the Dictionary Game)

It’s really easy….

Each round, an unusual word is presented, along with a series of definitions. One of them is correct, the others are bogus, some submitted by other players. Choose the definition you think is right, then click submit. (The game is on the honor system, so please don’t check the dictionary before playing).  You get a point for selecting the correct definition, or when someone else chooses your fake definition.We started this game in 1996 but it’s been neglected — we’d like to start again, but we need your help to get going. Illuminated manuscript

We’re soliciting new words for the first round — as we get words, we’ll also need fake definitions for them.

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We’ll allow private games — email us if you’re interested in a private game with your friends or school class

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Classics Illustrated

Choose from the complete list of Classics Illustrated and we’ll send a free quote.   Our prices are competitive and get better with larger orders.  Prices typically are less than 50% of the Overstreet catalog value.  No obligations and, as always, there’s a refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Editions and publication dates for Classics Illustrated can be confusing.

Many auctions claim to present first editions, or those from the ’40s or ’50s when they are really offering much later editions, usually worth substantially less.

The HRN (high reorder number) appears on the order form, on either the back cover, or one of the inside covers. The last issue listed is the HRN. It provides the exact dating for Classics Illustrated (The date listed inside the front cover isn’t reliable, since it didn’t change every time a new edition came out. Some comics from the 1950s and 60s still have a 1940s date of publication).To determine the exact date after establishing the HRN you need a catalog such as Overstreet that lists all the editions, but even without that, the HRN will let you know whether you have a first edition or not.

The original Classic Comics / Classics Illustrated were published by Gilberton in the 1940- 1960s. There were several later reprints by Berkeley, First and others but those are not as collectible as the original series.

Here’s a complete listing of all the titles in the Classics Illustrated

For the World Around Us [WAU] and Classics Illustrated Special series, it’s simpler since there was only one edition. Some of the Specials did have different covers. 

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Global Challenge

What’s the highest point in Peru? Which country has the longer coastline,
Brazil or India? What countries border Azerbaijan? Global Challenge tests
your knowledge of these and other geographical facts for over 250 countries, in more than a dozen categoriesPlay FREE online Version

Based on the CIA’s World Factbook, Global Challenge is an entertaining way to learn more about the world and Cascoly’s unique system lets you decide how difficult to make the game. There are more than a trillion possible questions, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever see 2 identical questions, no matter how long you play. In addition, the game watches your responses, and adjusts the questions to your skill levels, so the game becomes tougher the more you play. You can also select the particular countries to be included by changing the difficulty level. The game asks questions in 20 categories from among over 250 countries, including capitals, climate, natural resources and flags.

The Factbook is approximately 200 megabytes of information about every country, sovereignty and province in the world. It has enlargeable and printable flags and maps for each country, as well as geographic, economic, transportation, military and transnational issues for each