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Symbiostock FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an image?

  • Find the image you’d like and click on a size to add it to your cart
  • Click download (and then login or register if you haven’t already)
  • You’ll go to the Paypal screen (where you can also pay with credit card)
  • You’ll get an email with a link to the image to download

What is the Symbiostock Network?

How can I search even more widely on the Symbiostock network?

For Developers and Photographers: Hints and Tips



Image upload & processing:


Videos  – created by Symbiostock members to help new members get started


If you don’t find an answer to your question contact us, or leave your question in the Symbiostock forum area of MicrostockGroup.com or the Symbiostock forum. If you’re a photographer who wants to join the Symbiostock network,  follow the instructions in the FAQ above to install the Symbiostock theme using WordPress. We also offer an installation service if you’d rather concentrate on your photography.  Then when your new site is ready, tell the world about it thru the MicrostockGroup.com forums. That’s what open source is all about!These FAQ pages are maintained for the use of all Symbiostock members. Comments and additions are welcomed – either send us the copy to include or a link to a FAQ on your site. Feel free to copy to your website, fold or spindle it. Only rule is don’t spam. If you do copy anything on these pages, a link would be appreciated but not required.