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Penguin Image Collection

Collection of images.  Displays Gentoo, Adelie and other penguins of Antarctica in their native habitat.

  • Gentoo penguin, diving into Southern Ocean, light snow storm. (Pygoscelis papua) . Cuverville Island,Antarctica
  • Gentoo penguins, on rocky beach, light snow storm.  Cuverville Island,Antarctica
  • Barbershop quartet – Gentoo penguins, light snow storm. Cuverville Island,Antarctica
  • Directing traffic, gentoo penguins.  Cuverville Island,Antarctica
  • Gentoo penguins, nesting, light snow storm. .Cuverville Island,Antarctica
  • Gentoo penguin,isolated. Antarctica
  • Gentoo penguins, nesting, in glacial bay.  Neko Harbor, Andvord Bay,Antarctica.

….and dozens more images.


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