Civil War leaders

Individual images of famous generals, leaders and other important people of the American Civil War

last name portrait
Anderson Robert Anderson civil160.jpg
Banks Nathaniel P. Banks banks.jpg
Barton Clara Barton civil194.jpg
Buell Don Carlos Buell buell.jpg
Burnside Ambrose E Burnside burnside.jpg
Butler Benjamin F. Butler civil162.jpg
Chamberlain Joshua Chamberlain chamber.jpg
Custer George A. Custer custer.jpg
Douglas Stephen A. Douglas civil186.jpg
Garrison William Lloyd Garrison civil131.jpg
Grant Ulysses S. Grant Grant.jpg
Halleck Henry W. Halleck halleck.jpg
Hancock Winfield Scott Hancock civil166.jpg
Hooker Joseph Hooker hooker.jpg
Howard Oliver O. Howard howard.jpg
Lincoln Abraham Lincoln civil188.jpg
McClellan George B. McClellan civil168.jpg
Meade George Gordon Meade civil170.jpg
Sheridan Philip Henry Sheridan civil175.jpg
Sherman William Tecumseh Sherman civil176.jpg
Stevens Thaddeus Stevens civil191.jpg
Stowe Harriet Beecher Stowe civil136.jpg
Sumner Charles Sumner civil192.jpg
Thomas George Henry Thomas civil177.jpg
Whitman Walt Whitman civil137.jpg
Beauregard Pierre G. T. Beauregard CIVIL138.JPG
Benjamin Judah P. Benjamin civil150.jpg
Booth John Wilkes Booth civil198.jpg
Bragg Braxton Bragg bragg.jpg
Davis Jefferson Davis civil151.jpg
Forrest Nathan Bedford Forrest forrest.jpg
Hill Ambrose P. Hill civil141.jpg
Hood John Bell Hood civil142.jpg
Jackson Thomas J. Jackson civil143.jpg
Johnston Joseph Eggleston Johnston civil144.jpg
Lee Robert E. Lee lee.jpg
Longstreet James Longstreet civil146.jpg
Mosby John S. Mosby civil148.jpg
Seddon James A. Seddon civil155.jpg
Stuart James Ewell Brown Stuart civil149.jpg

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