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Dinosaurs of the World

Do you know your Abelisaurus from a Zingongosaurus?

Take the Jurassic Challenge — the Online Dinosaur Trivia game

It’s tougher than an Ankylosaurus! Harder than a T Rex’s toenails! This game will challenge the best! Yet, because of extensive use of pictures and multiple choice even parents will be
contenders! To bone up for the next questions, browse the biggest and best dinosaur database — over 400 dinosaurs available, with details on their classifications, where they were found, size, weight and other topics. More than 100 full color images by professional artists. Dinosaur Trivia presents more than a dozen different questions categories about dinosaur names, diet, origins, classification and time periods.  An excellent way to learn.The unique Cascoly Trivia engine ensures that questions will always be fresh — there are billions of possible questions, so you won’t tire of this game before the next asteroid hits. Great for dinosaur lovers of all ages, teachers, students and anyone else interested in painlessly testing and increasing their knowledge of dinosaurs and their world.


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