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Custom Symbiostock Contact Sheets for SEO

Custom Symbiostock contact sheets from your Symbiostock images are easy to make.

These are collections of thumbnails of your images with captions and links to your Symbiostock site. But not everyone has the time or a separate website to display these.

Using the global Symbiostock search, I’ll create a custom contact sheet similar to these:

Minipics are shown, and include both caption and alt text. When someone clicks on the image, they go directly to your site.

The cost is $10 for each sheet of up to 24 images. You will receive an html txt file that you can post anywhere. In addition, we will host it on our travel and educational website, generating automatic backlinks to your Symbiostock site. The images will remain on our site for at least one year (probably longer). You can have them removed, of course, at any time. You can create blogs or posts on your Symbiostock site that reference these external pages (something Yoast SEO reccomends)

Some obvious types of images: anything to do with travel, history, sports, outdoor activites, nature, education, science. For  US states, and Canadian provinces we have only partial coverage
Our main countries covered are Turkey, India, China, France and Italy. Special topics within each country are also possible – eg, textiles of India. We’ll  provide a free consult and review of your portfolio to suggest where your images might fit in.


contact us: steve@cascoly.com

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