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Cowboy Downhill

Cowboy Stampede - mass start of skiing cowboys race downhill,
Cowboy Stampede – mass start of skiing cowboys race downhill,

  • Cowboy Downhill Image Gallery2009 – The highlight and fan favorite event of the 35th Bud Light Cowboy Downhill was
    the Stampede event. With the course cleared and only the jump to master, it was every cowboy for themselves as all the racers stormed down the mountain in the winner-takes-all race. Jed Moore proved he really was the fastest cowboy in the west by taking frst place in the chaotic Stampede event. Not to be out down, Jared Johnston, a bareback rider from Stephenville, TX, was honored as the best wreck of the day on the slalom course when he cleared the jump, but then crashed into the next gate, lost a ski, flipped around and then somersaulted down the hill.The Cowboy Downhill was the brainchild of Billy Kidd, Steamboat’s Director of Skiing, and Larry Mahan, six-time All-Around World Champion cowboy, when 35 years ago they decided to invite a few ProRodeo stars to Steamboat for a day of skiing. Three and a half decades later, the Bud Light Cowboy Downhill has become one of the most popular and unique ski rodeos in North America featuring cowboys from ProRodeo World Champions and first-timers on skis and snowboards. Billy Kidd and Larry Mahan are still an active part of the event and this year’s competition began with the two pre-running the race.

    The Bud Light Cowboy Downhill is always scheduled in January to coincide with the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. Participants must be entered at the Stock Show and be a member of the ProRodeo Cowboys Association or the Professional Bull Riders to compete in the event.
    from Michael Lane  details from Steamboat

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