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Note, unless otherwise indicated, all recipes are intended to serve 4 as part of a meal of 2-4 courses.

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    Organic & local not necessarily best choices

    Helping the world’s poor feed themselves is no longer the rallying cry it once was. Food may be today’s cause celebre, but in the pampered West, that means trendy causes like making food “sustainable” — in other words, organic, local, and slow. Appealing as that might sound, it is the wrong recipe for helping those who need it the most

    Foreign Policy 4/26/2010

    Food grown organically — that is, without any synthetic nitrogen fertilizers
    or pesticides — is not an answer to the health and safety issues. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  published a study of 162 scientific papers from the past 50 years on the health benefits of organically grown foods and found no nutritional advantage over conventionally grown foods. According to the  Mayo Clinic, “No conclusive evidence shows that organic food is more nutritious than is conventionally grown food.”