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Book – Noah’s Flood

More on the Noah’s Ark myths

While not directly linked to the Black Sea story, here are some good sources
for debunking the various Mt Ararat urban legendsThe only wooden ‘boat parts’ that were actually dated went back to the 7th c CE, and it turned out that piece of wood had been carried there by a villagerThere’s some speculation that local monks built wooden structures on the mountainn in the 4-7th c CE to lure gullible tourists.The numerous other reports have failed to actually produce evidence for their claims.
Noah’s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History by William Ryan and Walter Pitman (Jan 25, 2000)An unfortunate title for an excellent book, since many people may assume this is just another creationist rant. It’s most definitely not — instead, it’s a highly readable account of 30 years of scientific work that describes the
Black Sea flood that occured about 7500 years ago — milllenia
after any Noah, but at a time when human civilizations did inhabit the shores of
that sea. The authors are actively involved in this work, and bring together
many different scientific fields, along with discussions of anthropology and
myth. I’ve read widely in all the fields covered here, and the authors did an
incredible job of getting it all down in less than 300 pages. I only wish it
were longer!I’ve seen many misuses of this book by fundamentalists and creationists in
newsgroups, so it’s well worth seeing what the authors REALLY are saying.
There’s much more interesting things in the book than whether the bible got this
one right, but in any case, this book demonstrates that at best, the
Bible copied its flood myth from Gilgamesh and other Sumerian myths that might have
been based on a much older oral tradition. In almost any detail, the bible story
is still wrong (all the earth covered, all life destroyed, one family saved, all
animals riding a small boat, etc, etc)…